All of the portfolios we manage are iFolios and use the same asset allocation models, low-cost index funds, trading signals and strategies. To accommodate all investors, we have developed two different ways to deliver our service to our clients.

iFolios Custom iFolios Direct
Account Minimum $500,000+ $5,000 – $500,000
iFolios Models 6 Models, Customized 6 Models
iFolios Long/Short Yes No
Managed by Ryan Investments Yes  Yes
Ongoing Consultation Extensive Limited
Schwab Online Access Yes Yes
Black Diamond Reports Yes No
Tax Loss Harvesting Yes Limited
ESG Investing Available Yes No
Can Include Low Basis Holdings Yes No
Individual, Joint, IRAs Yes Yes
Trusts, Non-Profits Yes No
Getting Started Consult with Us Online through Schwab
Growth and Protection Yes! Yes!
Ready to get Started? Yes! Yes!
iFolios Custom Contact Us
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