Sample client profiles

  • Retired couple, early 70s, with a $2.2 million nest egg. They can’t replace this through work should they lose it.
    iFolios 65 Conservative Growth strategy with automatic monthly distributions for income
  • Entrepreneur, 42, with sizable income, building her savings, now at $1.3 million. She wants to add to it regularly and seeks significant growth.
    iFolios 85 Aggressive Growth strategy
  • Non-profit organization, using a consultant to advise on their $10 million endowment. As fiduciaries they seek growth but need protection from loss.
    iFolios 100 Global Equity strategy for 40% of the portfolio and other managers for remaining portions of the portfolio
  • Young professional, age 32, has $60,000 saved and a good career outlook. He’ll add to it as he can.
    iFolios Direct 85 Agressive Growth