Looking for Growth and Protection?

Ryan Investments specializes in portfolio management for individuals, family offices, trusts, and non-profit organizations. Our goal is to make our clients happy – by capturing the growth & income they desire, while providing the protection from significant loss that they need.

We understand you want to feel confident that your portfolio is being managed to make the most of market opportunities. At the same time, you need assurance that you are protected from significant loss. We designed our iFolios strategy specifically for these two opposing goals. Within the ranges allowed in your customized allocation plan, we’ll strive to be fully invested each up-trending asset class for growth, and under-weighted or out of down-trending asset classes to avoid significant loss.

Sample Client Profiles

  • Retired couple, early 70s, with a $3.2 million nest egg. They can’t replace this through work should they lose it. Distribute $10,000/month income to their local checking account.
    iFolios 65 Moderate Growth strategy with automatic monthly distributions for income
  • Entrepreneur, 42, with sizable income, building her savings, now at $1.3 million. She wants to add to it regularly and seeks significant growth.
    iFolios 85 Aggressive Growth strategy
  • Non-profit organization, using a consultant to advise on their $10 million endowment. As fiduciaries they seek growth but need protection from loss.
    iFolios 100 Global Equity strategy for 60% of the portfolio and they’ll use other managers for remaining bond portion of the portfolio
  • Wealthy family, parents in their 50s, with $50 million net worth. They invest with multiple managers. They’re looking for a very high-return speculative investment for $5 million of their holdings.
    iFolios Long/Short