Investment management

Our full-time business is providing investment management for high net worth investors and non-profits. To be clear, we do not provide loans, give estate planning advice, prepare tax returns or other “wealth management” services. We “just” manage money because that’s what we’re good at. We do work with these other professionals at our clients’ requests, and we can make introductions for you if needed.

Our portfolio management strategy

At Ryan Investments, we manage all portfolios using our trademarked strategy we call iFolios. The “i” is for index funds, and of course, folios means your portfolio. We build and manage portfolios using globally diversified index funds. We actively manage the allocation using ranges and our proprietary trend-following signal. We offer a complete suite of iFolios to suit any investor and we’ll customize your iFolio to perfectly fit your needs. Learn more about our iFolios® strategy.

Custodial accounts

We believe investors should always have their investments held (or custodied) at a secure institution that is separate from their money manager. This provides security, checks and balances, and independent valuation and reporting. At Ryan Investments, you can choose your custodian or use the one you already have. We manage portfolios, for example, that are custodied at Charles Schwab, Northern Trust, and others. Clients receive all monthly statements and trade confirmations directly from their custodian. On-line access is available for instant access to your accounts.

Our preferred custodian is Charles Schwab Institutional. They are the leading U.S. provider of custody and trading services to private investment advisory firms. Schwab provides 1,800 professionals to support over 6,000 independent advisory firms with over $500 billion under management. At Schwab, they do not charge you for custody and statements, and we have negotiated the lowest possible commission on your behalf. Through SIPC and Lloyds of London insurance, client portfolios at Schwab are protected up to $150 million from losses resulting from insolvency or liquidation. In essence, Schwab and other custodians are our “bricks and mortar” and Ryan Investments, through limited power of attorney, is your personal money manager.

Fee Schedule

Ryan Investments is dedicated to providing clients the highest level of service and performance for one of the most reasonable fee schedules in the industry. We apply the following fee schedule consistently to all clients in the pursuit of fairness:

First $2 million 1.00%
Next $3 million 0.75%
Over $5 million 0.60%

For example, a $3 million account would pay a blended rate of 0.92% per annum. Under certain limited circumstances, we may negotiate fees.