Rethinking traditional portfolio management

At Ryan Investments, we are money managers that strive to provide what most investors really want: growth & protection. Most portfolio managers determine an asset allocation plan and then follow a “set it and forget it” or “buy and hold” strategy. At best, they’ll match the markets, both up and down. With increased volatility and risk in today’s markets, that’s no longer good enough. Consider the math: a 30% loss takes a 43% gain to break even. Clearly, risk management matters as much as growth. With iFolios, we actively and continually manage asset allocation in an effort to beat benchmark returns and with less risk.

Our approach

Our process begins with a thorough understanding of your unique needs. We then develop a written portfolio plan for you that will properly balance your risk tolerance and return expectations. We manage portfolios using our iFolios strategy – continually managing market exposure to capture growth and income while providing protection from significant loss. We do not simply buy and hold a static allocation and hope for the best. We favor global index funds and exchange-traded funds for core portfolios based on their cost effectiveness and tax efficiency.

Managing for growth and protection

Our iFolios strategy is specifically designed for a dual mandate of growth & protection. As a result, we manage portfolios differently from most money managers.
Specifically, we:

  • Establish your allocation plan using flexible ranges for each asset class
  • Build portfolios using exchange-traded index funds
  • Buy up-markets for growth and sell down-markets for protection within the ranges of your plan. We do not subscribe to a static buy & hold approach, and
  • Prepare easy-to-read monthly portfolio performance reports so you can judge your progress.

Professional team

Ryan Investments provides a unified team of qualified professionals to serve all of our clients. Our investment advisors, portfolio managers, and account managers all work together to deliver our iFolios strategy and excellent service consistently to every client. We are committed to hiring the best financial professionals with the requisite education, professional designations, and experience needed to provide you a world-class money management experience. Additionally, all personnel must attest to our Code of Ethics and Privacy policies. Detailed biographies of your team will be provided.